Leading Kids without Losing Your Marbles

    11.06.18 | Resources GroupLife Leadership Growth by Kristi Hurt

    As we started this ministry season, we decided to look at the kids we have in our groups.  You know your kids best, but in an effort to make sure we all have common tools and language, we have looked at a few resources during our huddles and think these resources would be good for all leaders.

    The first resource is a guide to help you think about the developmental stage you lead regularly. When you consider these common milestones, it is important to remember that each kid is created in the image of God. That will mean that while we set milestones, every kid matters and all kids develop at their own pace. You should also take notice of the spiritual milestones we are working to achieve for kids at all these stages. We know that no one achieves maturity over night. So, we lead knowing that our influence is one step in the process.

    The other resource you will find is a look at Kids in Crisis. Many of our kiddos have situations in their life, that they have no control over. Those situations will follow them where they are and we as leaders need to be aware that those situations can affect your time in groups with them.

    As I have prayed over all the situations our kids face, and knowing that my heart wants to help everyone restore the broken parts, I have to remember that I can only rely on a very capable God to help show us next steps, if any. I know that many of our kids can be draining and that drain affects you. As we talked in the huddle, some key questions were asked: Who are you putting your hope in? Is it worth sharing even if it isn't pretty? Know that you are not alone or responsible for what put these kids in these situations. But at the moments we have them we can all take some simple steps to reset our perspective.

    • Set a small goal. i.e. This week my goal is to __________ with NAME OF KID.
    • Ask for help from a ministry leader. Most problems are people problems, not enough leaders on a given week. We are working on that.
    • Watch God work.

    Kid's Development Stages

    Kids in Crisis