Harvey surprised us all.

by Mike Hurt on August 20, 2018

One year ago this Saturday, Hurricane Harvey surprised us all.  Yes, we saw it coming.  Yes, we knew that we were in the crosshairs of the projected path.  Yes, we knew that we would feel the wrath of a tropical storm, even with all that we knew, Harvey surprised us. 

We were surprised and the tropical storm unexpectedly continued to grow in size and ferocity.  We were surprised that the storm didn't veer to the north or the south but came right over the Crossroads.  We weren't on the wet side or dry side of the storm.  We were in the eye of the storm.  We were surprised that the storm didn't blow through quickly but sat on us and our neighbors in Houston for days.   Harvey surprised us all.

The one thing that didn't surprise me with Harvey was the response of our community to help and serve one another.  Prayer and neighborly concern were shared as soon as the skies cleared.  Food and cleaning goods were on hand within hours of the storm thanks to Convoy of Hope and hundreds of people who distributed goods throughout the Golden Crescent.  Teams of people with Samaritan's Purse rebuilt our communities in the months following the storm.   Mission teams from throughout the state and country came to help, too. 

One of the lessons that I will take from the storm is that we will be surprised by the "storms" of life, but the people that we do life with in our neighborhoods, churches, and cities can be counted on.