I made many mistakes with my kids, but I didn’t quit.

by Russell McCarson on September 03, 2019

From Focus on the Family

My years with four teenagers in the house were definitely the toughest of my life. My heart broke into a million pieces as I shared my kids’ many pains during those wild and turbulent times.

It set me to praying — every day. I asked God to make those six teenage years golden years. I prayed that my kids would have godly hearts. I prayed for their sexual purity, for their ability to stand alone against peer pressure, for their self-images, for their desire to honor and obey us, for wisdom, for their friends and teammates and teachers and coaches and future mates. I prayed that the example of my life would be more consistently godly.

I made many mistakes with my kids, but I didn’t quit. I tried to be diligent in doing what I thought was right, adjusting my tactics with each situation and each kid, and adjusting again when my methods didn’t work.

In the process, I discovered some tips you might find useful. They’re the kind of thing you might be tempted to forget in the heat of the parenting moment — the kind of thing that takes daily diligence.

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