Learn more about building a respectful relationship with your kid.

by Kristi Hurt on September 23, 2019

“If I talked to my dad the way my son talks to me …” is a statement I’ve heard countless times. Kids today feel a new freedom to speak and act in ways that most parents would never have considered when they were growing up. Parents can’t help but wonder if respect is outdated or old-fashioned. They find themselves wondering, What’s a modern parent to do?

Throughout my years of counseling, I’ve found that parents want their teens to trust them and to be able to talk to them, so they play it safe. They let the first roll of the eyes and “Whatever, Mom” slide. Before they know it, they’ve got a problem on their hands. Disrespect.

The reality is that you can — and should — expect something different. As a matter of fact, in the world of teens, expect and respect have quite a bit to do with each other. As you redefine your expectations in hopes of building a respectful relationship, consider the following...

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