Is your faith more roller coaster than lazy river?

by Mike Hurt on July 08, 2019

The challenge is clear for every disciple.  Love God with your life and learn to love people as He loves us.  This type of living is an adventure that pulls us away from stale faith and keeps us from relying on dead religion.  Instead, we cling to a comfort zone breaking, dependence growing, faith building relationship with God. 

3 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

1.  Start Serving in the Name of Jesus
Being served is comfortable.  Serving others pulls us out of our comfort zone.  Why?  Serving others takes faith.  We need faith to know that we have something to share.  We need faith to see that God can use us.  We need faith to keep serving so that we will see lives change. 

2.  Tell Someone About Jesus
Get uncomfortable by telling someone one about Jesus.  Not just that you have a great family.  Not just that you go to church.  Tell them about Jesus - the one who loves you, died for you and rose again to offer you life.  Feel your heart rate rise as you tell others about Jesus.  Feel the rush of God using you to reach others for Christ.

3.  Take a Step of Radical Obedience
Change is uncomfortable.  Change doesn't feel good, but change driven by obedience to God is a must.  When God prompts you to be obedient to His Word or His Will, do it even if it pulls you out of typical, comfortable patterns.  

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