But, it was their journey, not their parents’.

by Kristi Hurt on September 09, 2019

From christianparenting.org

A friend sent me an article written by Ashlei Woods, a children’s teacher and minister and a wonderful author. I highly recommend reading her whole article, “Putting the Basket in the Water: Trusting God in the Next Phase of Your Child’s Life.”

Her words resonated with me, and I think you will have a similar experience. 

I read her article and remembered the many moments of parenting that required this “basket” choice. The basket she refers to is the one that brought the baby Moses to the feet of Pharaoh’s daughter. I always liked teaching that story—until I had sons of my own. 

Ashlei Woods was thinking about one of these parenting moments with her kids when she wrote, “Here’s what we can learn from this as parents: There comes a time – many times, actually – in the lives of our children where we have to put the basket in the water. We have to let go and trust the plan of the Father. The world is a scary place – a place where we fear our children could drown. But we remember that we have to let go so that God can draw them from the waters for His great purpose. He has called us to be their parents, but they were His first.”

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