Parkway Church is for Calhoun County and the surrounding communities. That's why we launched Parkway Port Lavaca 8 years ago and that's why we are building a new home for our Parkway family and for all of Calhoun County.  We hope, plan, and pray that our church family makes a difference by building loving relationships that lead people to believe in, love, and follow Jesus.


This Fall, you are invited to participate in the #FORCALHOUN campaign.  As the building nears completion, we need you to play a part in four ways.


Pray that the men, women, and kids in and around Calhoun County.

  • Believe in Jesus and Find Life
  • Connect in a Loving Church Family
  • Love and Serve Their Neighbors
  • Grow to Trust and Obey God


Help others to take their first or next steps with Jesus by serving on a ministry team.
  • Welcome Others by Greeting
  • Tell Kids About Jesus with ASK or SI
  • Lead a Small Group for Adults
  • Join the Building Move-In Team


Give to prepare the building for our church family and future guests.  When you give, you:
  • Provide a Place for Families Worship
  • Open the Door for Students to Connect
  • Create a Space for Kids to Know Jesus


Spread the word about all that God is doing in Calhoun County.
  • Invite Friends to Church
  • Reach Out to the Port Lavaca Church Family
  • Share Social Media Posts

creating a place where lives are changed.

Our giving goal for the #FORCALHOUN campaign is $60,000.  100% of money given will be used to create a place where lives are changed and built to honor God.  Thorough this campaign, we will:

  • Purchase chairs, tables, and AV gear for the worship space
  • Furnish space for babies, preschoolers, and kids
  • Outfit the cafe and large group room
  • Landscape the property
  • And More

To give, visit our giving page and choose the #FORCALHOUN Fund.

The Move-in Team

We are forming teams to prepare the building for ministry.  All skill levels are needed.  Move-in projects include:

  • Move furniture and gear to the building.
  • Hang TVs through out the building.
  • Landscape main entrance.
  • Assemble chairs and tables for worship and atrium space.

To join the Move-in Team, connect with Sam and keep an eye out for project days.  Teammates are welcomed from all campuses.