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Building Relationships that build disciples

Thanks for all that you do to lead groups with Parkway.  Feel free to use these resources to strengthen your group


Discover the power of God’s providence in the midst of your personal pain, fear, gain, loss, and love. See that God has a purpose for your life, and He uses every action and event that occurs in it to make that purpose a reality. 


God uses spiritual practices to build our lives.   Learn with your group how God uses community, Bible study, and prayer to make you more like Him.

how not to be your own worst enemy

Have you ever been your own worst enemy? We all have. We run from what's good for us and pursue things that aren't. It never ends well. So, let's end it!

Everyday evangelsim

What if sharing your faith wasn’t something you did, but a way you lived. . . every day?  

The Beginners guide to predicting your future

You’ve most likely thought (or said) at some point: How did he not see that coming? It’s easy to predict other people’s futures. So why is it so hard to predict your own?

the elements of discipleship

Mike Hurt equips disciples to take their next step to reach God's goals for their life.

Jesus:  The God Who Knows your name

Join Max Lucado and draw closer to Jesus and learn more about Him: Immanuel, Friend, Compassionate Physician, Great Teacher, Miracle Worker, Lamb of God, Victorious Sacrifice, and Returning King.

Liking Jesus

Craig Groeschel helps put Christ first again in today’s
maxed out, selfie-centered world.

anxious for nothing

Max Lucado helps us find peace in a chaotic world.

Life Hacks

Mike Hurt walks through the book of James to discover life hacks
 for tough times and tough relationships.

The Path of a disciple

Join Mike Hurt to discover the next step on your journey as a disciple.

This NOt That

Mike Hurt talks through some of the theological issues in the book of Romans and groups to build their life on their relationship with Jesus and nothing else. 

parkway online

Find these resources and more at our Roku channel.  
Add it to your line up.  It is free and easy.

Everyday disciples

Mike Hurt encourages disciples to take practical steps to connect with God everyday through His Word and through prayer.