Student impact

the place for students to find and live their faith.

At Student Impact, students grades 6-12 find and live out their faith.  We build relationships that build disciples through small group connections, fun events, meaningful retreats, and mission trips.

What We Do


The Student Impact experience begins in the main worship service.  Students worship together or with their families and then step out before the message begins to hear a talk relevant to students and to discuss it with friends.  Student Impact meets during all worship services.


At Student Impact Groups, students find and learn how to live their faith.  SI Groups include a time for students to hang out, connect with their group to discuss a Bible passage, and worship together.  Student Impact groups meet at Parkway Victoria and at the Grace Chapel at 6:30 PM on Wednesdays.


Student Impact events occur throughout the year to help students connect, grow, serve and take their next step.   Annual events include:  Middle School Camp, High School Missions Camp, and the NEXT conference.


Find Your Place.  Find Your People

Student Impact groups are the place where students find and live their faith.  Students connect in age and gender-based groups to share a meal, learn from the Bible, participate in a meaningful discussion and prayer.  Plus, they have fun along the way.

Groups meet on Wednesdays from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Parkway Victoria and at the Grace Chapel.

prayer posture

an SI Group Experience
So often we only see prayer as a one way street of us going to God to ask for what we want, but prayer is so much more.  Prayer is a conversation with God where we talk, listen, and spend time with Him.  This series will discover aspects of our prayer life that help us see prayer in a fresh new way. 


Prayer of Thanksgiving


Prayer of Repentance

December 9

Prayer of Intercession

Next Steps for students

Believe in Jesus

Your first  journey with Jesus is to believe in Him for life.  The Bible says that we are sinners in need of a Savior and that Jesus is the Lord and Savior of the world.  When we believe in Him, God forgives our sins, gives us a new life, and promises life forever with Him in heaven.  Request a New Believer's Kit. 


After believing, your next step is to go public with your faith through baptism.  When believers are baptized,  they demonstrate the new life they have in Jesus.  We encourage everyone who has believed in Jesus to show it by getting baptized.  We baptize the last Sunday of every month at each location.  RSVP for Baptism. 

Find a Place to Serve

Finding your place to serve is a key step for students to grow as Christ followers.  Students can serve Jesus through the church in a variety of ways both behind the scenes and with people.

Love and Follow Jesus

As students grow and serve, we encourage them to continue to connect in a small group along with personal Bible reading.  We also hope that students will worship and obey Jesus in such a way that they own their faith and commit to live for Jesus beyond High School.

Join the Team

Russell McCarson

Contact Russell to serve on the Student Impact Sunday morning or Wednesday night teams at Parkway Victoria.

Roy Faragoza

Contact Roy to serve on the Student Impact Sunday morning or Wednesday night teams at Parkway Port Lavaca.