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It's Just a Phase - Celebrate It

From the Parent Cue
You know how it is: Your kid makes one change and it seems to throw your family’s whole world into a tailspin. Whether the shift is big or small, those changes are usually not without big feelings—for them, yes, but for you, too—along with alterations to your family’s dynamic, how your kids interact with others, and the way they seem themselves.

(And we’re not even going to talk about what happens when everyone’s sleep schedules are disrupted. Because…yikes.)
Change can be pretty stressful, especially as our kids transition from one phase or season to the next. But it’s not all bad—there’s something pretty cool about our kids closing one chapter and starting another. These seasons of change allow parents to gain a deeper understanding of who their kid is turning out to be and learn what truly matters to them.

Here are some things to celebrate as your kid inevitably shifts from one phase and season to the next:
In the preschool phase, your kids are learning who they can trust, trying new things for themselves, and testing boundaries. And then once they’re in elementary school, they’re using everything they’ve learned and combining that with knowledge to help them achieve their goals.
As much as this time can be frustrating because they’re so clingy when you’re touched out, exhausting because you’re trying to keep a tiny human alive, or unnerving because the tantrums just won’t stop, there are some things to look forward to, too, because during these phases . . .

  • Your kid is learning new skills that are so fun to watch. 
  • You’re one step closer to communicating better because they’re expressing themselves more.
  • They learn persistence pays off in the end.
  • Your kid starts understanding the world is a diverse place.
  • They begin to learn empathy.
Now, for the middle school years…if your home was peaceful before, it’s likely no longer. Instead, doors are slammed on the regular because misunderstandings abound. This is the phase where your kids are really testing boundaries while discovering who they are and where they fit in the world. And while this time can be one of stress, it can also be a time when . . .

  • You discover your kid is actually pretty cool.
  • You observe your kid leaning into their gifts a bit more.
  • You marvel at your kid’s ability to ask tough—but necessary—questions.
  • You start to notice how self-aware your kid is becoming. 
  • Your kid finds their voice. 
Rounding out the phases in your kid’s life are the teenage years. During the high school phase, your kid is developing their sense of purpose, which they’ll use to make current and future decisions. And while this phase can be particularly difficult because your kid is one step closer to leaving home, if you take a breath and look for the sweet spots, you’ll notice . . .

  • Your kid is understanding the value of community.
  • They’re expressing what matters most to them.
  • They’re leaning into their values.
  • They’re learning to speak up for themselves, even when they’re afraid to.
  • Your kid is becoming a leader. 
There’s no denying it—seasons of change are incredibly hard. But transitions can be both hard and good…even if you have to dig a little deeper to find the goodness. Each of us is uniquely designed to be the parents our kids need, through challenges and times of calm.