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Bible Reading Plans

Reading the Bible on a consistent, regular basis is a key step in the life of a disciple.  It's one thing to read the Bible to follow along with a sermon or to participate in a small group, but dependance upon God and obedience to God happens when we open the Bible without a sermon or without a group.  That's why we have created these Bible reading plans to help you engage personally with Scripture.

21 Days in John

Spend 21 days in the Gospel of John and discover how believing the right things about Jesus leads you to live the right way by following Him.

Living Intentionally

Spend 20 days in the Bible to discover how you can live intentionally by praying, growing in generosity, serving, and inviting.

Living Blessed

Spend 20 days in the book of Ephesians to discover you are in Christ and how God has blessed you because of your relationship with Jesus.

Living Faith

Spend 20 days in the book of James and discover the practical instructions and commands that can lead you to live your life to honor God.

Living Truth

Spend 20 days in 1 and 2 Timothy to discover how you can live truth and serve others.

Living Joy

Spend 20 days in the book of Philippians and discover how to live joy that isn't situational or circumstantial but is based on your relationship with God.