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8th -9th Grade

Throughout the school year we will be hosting three weekend experiences we call "The Weekend" for specific student age groups (6-7th, 8-9th & 10-12th).  As part of the weekend, students will have lots of fun, engage in great worship, Biblical teaching that focuses on issues and opportunities specific to their lives.

For the 8-9th grade Weekend, we will be helping students find their identity in Christ. This is a key next step in the life of a disciple.

The weekend

Saturday | February  11,  2023



9:30 AM Doors Open & Check-in Begins
10:00 AM Session 1:  False identity of achievements
11:30 AM Small Groups
11:00 AM Fun on the Rec Space
12:00 PM Lunch
12:30  PM Session 2:  False identity of acceptance
1:30 PM Small Group
2:00 PM Bubble Soccer
4:00 PM Session 3:  False identity of dating
6:00 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Worship
7:15 PM Session 4:  False identity of mistakes
8:30 PM Fun on the Rec Space
9:30 PM Student Dismissed to go home


WHat is you idenity placed in? 

Where we gain our identity shapes who we are. How we fill in the blank of “I am ______________” or “I matter because ____________” shapes who we are. The question is where do we gain our identity from? What do we fill that blank in with? Unfortunately, there are so many false answers to those questions that can cripple us in our faith.

That is why the focus of The Weekend (8-9th) is going to be all about helping 8th and 9th graders see that their identity can, and should, come from Jesus. An identity rooted in the love and mercy of Jesus Christ never fails us and never fades away. 


The cost for The Weekend is $40.00.  
This cost covers all of the meals and activities.
Use the link below to register.