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Crucial Conversations
by Mike Hurt on March 27th, 2023
I want to say thank you to Parkway Church for the last three weeks of gatherings.  You have worshipped passionately.  You have served faithfully even with Spring Break schedules and the disruption of time change.  You, church, also welcomed straight forward Biblical perspectives on some of the cultural issues of our day.  I thank you for being the church that is unified around the mission, the cau...  Read More
Courageous Christian
by Mike Hurt on March 24th, 2023
As we see the story of Daniel and his friends unfold, one thing can't be missed. Obeying God was more important than life. They knew that fearing God was always better than living in fear of men or women.17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your...  Read More
Hope is Coming
by Mike Hurt on March 19th, 2023
When I think of springtime, I get very excited. There is something about planting a seed or bulb in the fall and then the anticipation of what it will look like come spring, with warmer temperatures, sunshine, rain, and brisk air. I get excited every time. I love watching the little green appear, then the shoot springing up and then a bulb growing and opening into the beautiful creation God made f...  Read More
The Unseen Battle
by Mike Hurt on March 15th, 2023
Our battle is an unseen one with very seen consequences so we must stand with COMPASSIONATE CONVICTION. The evil influence of our world is only hurting those it’s influencing. We must respond with COMPASSION. Sin multiples and worsens with every generation so we must have CLEAR CONVICTIONS. The most loving thing we can do is to know and live our convictions in a way that doesn’t attack but helps the hurting.  Read More
5 Ways to Use Technology with Your Teenager
by Mike Hurt on February 16th, 2023
There are ways to use technology with your kid that enhance meaningful connections instead of replacing them. Here are a few ideas.   Read More
Build Up Don't Tear Down
by Mike Hurt on February 14th, 2023
When times are the toughest, we need to know that we have others in our corner. People who are with us and for us. That's why the call to be encouragers is a needed one. Today, we live in as polarized a society as ever before. Everyone runs to the extremes and takes shots, throws stones, and attacks the other extreme. We have become experts at tearing others down and have become novices at building encouraging relationships.   Read More
10 Ways to Transform Your Marriage
by Mike Hurt on February 14th, 2023
Let’s not go through the motions this Valentine’s Day. Life is busy, and it seems so commercialized—sure. But remember why Valentine’s Day exists and it becomes more meaningful.Let’s take it as an opportunity to consider our spouses an unmeasurable blessing and remind them of their worth. Imagine not being allowed to marry because of persecution. We get to spend valuable time with our husband/wife doing anything we can imagine—dreaming, traveling, laughing, and loving TOGETHER.  Read More
What to Do When Your Marriage is Boring
by Mike Hurt on February 13th, 2023
At the One Thing(s) Marriage Night, we were challenged to live in marriages that are fun and being joy to our lives. It's a great goal. But what do you do when marriage in anything but fun and exciting?  Read More
The Best Way to Communicate with Your Kid in Every Phase
by Mike Hurt on February 9th, 2023
Learning to communicate well is hard, yet important work. And while you may not get it right all the time, knowing your effort and your desire to understand your child and be understood by them makes you a great parent.  Read More
Things to Never Say to Your Spouse
by Mike Hurt on February 7th, 2023
Oftentimes, we say things out of anger which doesn’t excuse the behavior but is the explanation. Deal with your anger so that these damaging words don't wreck your relationship.  Read More
Conflict is a God Thing
by Mike Hurt on February 6th, 2023
Ask someone their picture of the good life and you'll probably hear about long walks on the beach or fishing on the bay.  Perhaps you will hear about a comfortable retirement full of travel and grandkids.  You may also hear stories of a happy marriage full of love, fun, and romance.  We all have a perfect picture of the good life in mind.But what if the perfect picture of the good life is not only...  Read More
Work is Work
by Mike Hurt on January 31st, 2023
Listen to influencers and it seems there is one extreme or the other when it comes to work.  One side says to say in the grind.  Do all you can for as long as you can no matter what is expected.  The other says that your work should be passive.  You can make a living without working on it if you do the right things.  The problem is either extreme will leave you lacking.   Neither can answer the pr...  Read More