The Wise Stepmom

Get insights into your relationships as you adjust to your new role as a stepmother.
From Focus on the Family
“When I got married a year ago, I had the dream of being a terrific wife to my husband and a godly influence to his 6- and 8-year-old,” the young stepmom said.
“But I find myself struggling in this new role. My husband’s former wife says negative things about me to the kids,” she continued.
“And most of our free time is spent driving the children back and forth between homes or shuttling them to extracurricular activities. All of this is putting stress on our marriage, and I’m miserable. Resentment toward my husband and his kids is starting to build, and I don’t know what to do.”
This stepmom isn’t selfish, unloving or “wicked.” Her motives are pure; she merely needs insight into the dynamics of a step family and her unique role in it. If she wants to become a wise stepmom, she will need to recognize four unavoidable realities.

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