3 Ways to Control Technology

Thumbs swipe across an oily plate of glass. Pupils fixed on a blur of changing colors. Sans serif font writes captions underneath aesthetic coffee mugs, curly lettering, and faces crinkled with laughter at the beach.

By the forty-third swipe, your brain doesn’t even bother to see what posts are saying. All you see is boredom. All you feel is your head thudding with the pound of pointlessness. Your body is restless from doing absolutely nothing. But you’re stuck there. You’re glued to the screen.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Twenty-first century teenagers, this is our life. Or, rather, this is the addiction that steals it. Do we even remember what it’s like to just go outside and sit on the front porch and breathe in crisp, plant-infused air?

I sure don’t.

We have a problem. We are obsessed with our screens, hiding behind them whenever boredom or loneliness or discomfort creep in, and yet these are the very feelings our phones provoke within us. We look to technology to free us when in reality, this technology is our trap. So how can we escape this web?

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