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Corona Concerns

It is a beautiful day in South Texas.  The sun is out.  A breeze is blowing.  Spring is here!  On this gorgeous day, when you’d expect pollen to be the only concern, there is something else in the air - concern over the Coronavirus.

Some are highly concerned even to the point of fear. Others aren’t concerned at all even to the point of mocking those who are.  What should our concern level be?

First, we must manage our concerns and fight against fear.  We should take every precaution. We should take care of ourselves and those we love but we shouldn’t be bound by fear and we shouldn’t stir the pot of other’s fear.  As things stand today, there is no need to change patterns in your day to day life, limit connection with others or involvement in activities especially church.   If fear is an issue for you, you need your people and our God.   Be wise and stay connected.  

Second, we must see the concerns of others and offer support and hope.  Don't minimize or mock.  Show love.  This is a great time to remember our mission and to tell people about Jesus.  As we gather in groups (large and small), encourage and strengthen each other by praying and caring for one another.

As a church, we are taking every precaution to keep you and your family safe as you worship with us.  We have a rigorous cleaning schedule that is followed in all of our preschool spaces including sanitizing toys.   Our teams wipe down surfaces throughout our buildings multiple times a week so that tables, chairs, and bathrooms are sanitary.   We will also be sensitive in our services during the  greeting and communion time to limit the spread of germs among us.  You can help others stay healthy by washing your hands regularly and by staying home and joining us at Parkway Online if you have any kind of illness.

Now, get out there and enjoy this great weather and trust the One who gave it to us. 
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