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6 Strategies to Parenting During the COVID -19 Crisis

From the Parent Cue
We’re all navigating really strange and chaotic times.

Schools have closed and parents are faced with working from home while trying to assist their kids in completing assignments on unfamiliar digital platforms and in subjects that are outside of their comfort zone.

Thousands of parents are also facing employment uncertainty or job loss as the economy continues to shift downward.

These abrupt changes can feel frightening to adults, and destabilizing to children. During troubling times, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, fear and anxiety are often amplified.

For many of us, this is a crisis. A crisis is any event that is perceived as threatening and creates an imbalance in the family routine.

Individuals cope with abrupt change differently depending on age and prior experiences. For some kids, what is happening now is perceived as a temporary disruption. While for others, this is a full-blown crisis.

Regardless of which side you’re on, below are some practical strategies that can help you navigate parenting during this current public health crisis.
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