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God's Will for You and Me

From Connect the Dots by Mike Hurt
When you think of God’s will, what comes to mind:  a formula, a connect-the-dots picture or a relationship?

Many of us fall prey to thinking that God’s will is the ultimate “if then” formula.  If I do this, then God must, always will do this.  Jesus did not see the will of God like this.  Just look at the words he used to describe people who were doing his will.  In Mark 3:35, he said that the people who do his will are his brother and sister and mother.  John 14:41 tells us that our obedience is a result of our love and in turn we are loved by God.  John 15:14 remind us that we are his friends if we obey his commands.  Did you notice that none of these are mathematical terms?  They are all relational terms.  When we live by the will of God, God deeply loves us like we do our friends and family.

We also see God’s will as a cosmic connect the dots.  You remember connect the dots pictures from when we were growing up.  The goal was to draw an image by connecting dots that were neatly numbered to aide the budding artist.  In just moments, you or I were able to draw perfect bears, flowers, or clown faces.  We became artists simply because we could connect the dots.  Is God’s will a cosmic connect the dots?  Yes and no.  Yes, because God has a plan and a future that he has designed specifically for us.  No, because if you make a mistake while drawing connect the dots pictures, the whole picture is messed up and can never be completely fixed.  You will always see the error.  The same cannot be said of God.  You can live God’s will today no matter what you did yesterday.  God can redeem and restore your life to his perfect plan at any point in time as you turn your life over to him.
Rather than looking for equations to explain God’s will or a connect-the-dots experience with God.  Look instead to an intimate relationship with Him.  God wants for us to discover and live out his will through a relationship with him because at the core God is relational.  My mentor and friend Rich Hurst puts it this way, “Christianity offers intimacy with the God of the Bible, the God of creation, the God of history.  Furthermore, the God of Christianity is a God who seeks us out.  He wants to be intimate with us, and He pushes us to be known.”  Don’t miss the intimate invitation to a relationship with God as you discover his will.

Taking a relational mindset changes the way that we pursue God’s will for our lives.