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Praying for God's Will

From Connect the Dots by Mike Hurt
The Bible teaches us that God provides for all of our needs in every circumstance of our life.  God’s provision in every circumstance helps us to overcome the main obstacle we face in finding God’s will through our daily circumstances.  That obstacle is worry.  If we don’t hear the words of Jesus, regarding God’s provision, we will worry about and through our circumstances rather than learning through them.

In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches that trusting his provision is the only solution to the worry of our lives.  He draws on pictures from nature – the birds of the air and the lilies of the field.  The birds don’t store up seed, yet they eat.  The lilies don’t labor yet there are clothed more even more beautifully than history’s richest man – Solomon.  God provided their splendor.  Rather than worrying, about the things that matter most to us, seek God and his kingdom.  He knows our needs and will provide for us in every circumstance.  He concluded that we should not worry about tomorrow because today has enough troubles of its own.  How true is that!

To overcome worry and to live a life that sees God in the everyday circumstances of life, we need to learn to live a life of disciplined prayer.  Maybe it’s a no-brainer, but I think it needs to be said.  If you are seeking God’s will without prayer, you will never find it.  It is through prayer that God will do two things.  He will give us peace and he will reveal his will to us.  Peace comes and worry departs as we present our requests to God with an attitude of thanksgiving.  This is no ordinary peace.  It is a peace that is unexplainable and indescribable.  It surpasses all understanding.

To experience this peace through prayer, develop an ongoing conversation with God throughout your day.  It is possible even in the fast paced, multi-tasking, gotta meet a deadline world that we live in to pray consistently throughout your day.  You can pray when you wake up that God would bless your day and that you would honor him.  You can pray as you drive to work or to school.  This prayer should be done with your eyes open.  Think through your day and ask God to be with you in all of the things you have to do.  When things are good during the day, say thanks.  When you need help, encouragement, or insight, ask for it.  As you are driving home, reflect on your day and talk with God about it.  You may also want to use this time to talk to God about the relationships in your life.  

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