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7 Adventures with Dad

When I was around 10, my dad took me on an adventure.  It wasn't an adventure to him, but it was an adventure for me for sure.  For him, it was a quick, one day business trip to Atlanta.  On the day of the trip, we woke up early, drove to the airport, and flew to Atlanta.  When we landed, I saw something that I had never seen before - an airport with a train system.  It was so cool.  We rode the the train, got the rental car and drove to his appointment.  I sat outside of the meeting room and waited for him to get done.  Before long, he was done and we grabbed some food, toured a little of Atlanta, returned the car, and flew home.   An ordinary day with my dad was an adventure for me!

Here's what I learned that day:

  • My dad enjoyed spending time with me.
  • My dad knew how to do cool stuff.
  • My dad worked hard and was respected.

I don't know why he took me on this trip.  Perhaps, my mom needed a break.  I don't know if he ever thought of that day again, but I did for sure, because I had an adventure with my dad!

Now, as a dad to my kids, I try to remember that I am the adventure maker.  Kristi and I schedule adventures for our family - some big, some not so big.  Adventures in our families include international mission trips, vacations (near and far), nice meals, serving opportunities, and more.  These adventures have shaped our family relationally and spiritually and their value cannot be overstated.

Some of us are natural adventure makers.  We don't even have to think about it.  Others need a little help.  If you need some fresh ideas, check out 7 Adventures for Dads and Sons and 7 Father Daughter Bonding Activities.