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God, Spouse, Kids - Priorities Matter

When things are in alignment, everything runs smoothly. But when one piece of the puzzle is missing— or one moving part of an engine is out of place— the whole system becomes compromised. 

My husband and I hit rock bottom in our marriage before we recognized that our priorities were way out of alignment.  Perhaps you feel this in your own marriage right now.  Maybe you have no idea how to bring things back into balance. We pray you learn from our broken story.

Meet the Valencias
In 2011, our world crumbled. At that point— 10 years and three children into our marriage— we’d never deeply evaluated priorities in our marriage.

We’d always tried to put God first in our lives and assumed our priorities were in correct order. Things shifted so subtly that we didn’t see the cracks until everything fell apart.
Lines were crossed, vows broken, and an affair was now between us.  Our world crumbled when the truth of the affair came out. Gut-wrenching pain, separation, and divorce proceedings followed. Our marriage was in a hopeless place.

By a miracle from God alone, we found ourselves on the hard road to reconciliation. We learned to name the things that matter. And we committed ourselves to going after them— because we knew our marriage depended on it.

What are priorities and what should they be?
Priorities, simply put, are what you place as most important in your life. You can say something is important in your life, but your life will reflect what you truly prioritize. Where you spend your time and money will quickly reveal your true priorities.

Ideally, your top 3 priorities would be:
  1. God 
  2. Spouse
  3. Kids (if you’re a parent)

After that would be work, extended family, friends and yourself. All of these things matter; you just don’t want them to take precedence over the big 3!