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Husbands: Five Ways They're Different

From the MarriageTrac
Value His Differences
Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10 NIV

My husband and I conducted a marriage enrichment conference one Saturday at a church in Fairbanks, Alaska. The night before the conference, the church hosted a date night event for their congregation and their community. The evening was set up so that couples could first go out on a date while the church provided childcare. The couples then returned to the church for dessert and a short session led by Greg and me.

Prior to our session, the organizers recreated the Family Feud game. Laughter and fun ensued. Five couples were selected for teams of men versus women. Questions included:
“What would a man do if he had a day all by himself and his wife was gone?” The answers were hilarious! They also highlighted the differences between men and women. The top four answers were sleep, watch football, go hunting or fishing, and golf. Several other responses that shockingly didn’t make the top four included eat, work in the garage, clean the house. You can see why several of these wouldn’t top the list for females, right? Some of you may love these activities, but the hunting and fishing wouldn’t be at the top of my list for how I’d want to spend a day alone.

The answer that prompted the most laughter was “have sex!” Of course, upon hearing the roars of his best friends and pastor, the man who gave that answer realized that in this scenario, his wife would be gone all day. Still, it shows sex was on the mind! I was reminded just how different men and women really are.