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Stay Uncomfortable

One of the most dangerous ways that a Christian can live is by becoming comfortable with things in their life that God is uncomfortable with.  In essence, in these areas of life, we are choosing our wants and desires over God's perfect Word and plan for our life.  When we do this, it will always come back to bite us.  That's why we need to stay uncomfortable.

The disciplines of confession and repentance help us to stay uncomfortable so that we stay sensitive to the Sprit's leading, committed to God's ways, and live God's purposes in our lives.  

But what are confession and repentance?  

True confession is admitting we have sinned against God Himself, and His holy standard. True repentance is seeing the destructiveness of sin — to our own lives and those around us, as well as to our closeness with God — and changing the way we think and behave.  

When we confess our sin to God we are agreeing that we have done wrong, but more than that we are admitting that our sin isn't just failure, we have sinned against a holy God.  As believers, this sin won't cause God to stop loving us or holding a place for us in heaven, but it will affect our closeness, intimacy, and day-to-day friendship with God.  That's why we confess our sin as we commit our sin so that we stay close with Jesus and don't allow our sin to lead us away from Him.   Confession is as simple as praying to God and letting Him know that you know that what you did or are doing is sinning against Him.  Ask Him for His forgiveness and for Him to restore your closeness with Him.  He will do it!  Confession might also require that you confess your sin to a person that you have sinned against.  Don't wait.  Don't let the issue fester.   Go to them.  Confess and ask for forgiveness.

When we repent of our sin, we see the impact of our actions and make changes.  The change begins in our minds.  What we once thought was OK or acceptable, we now see as wrong and sinful.  With this change of mind, comes a change in our actions.  Without both, you don't have repentance. Repentance requires that you decide to live differently and take the courageous steps to do so because God's ways are always best.

This week, stay uncomfortable with the things in your heart, mind, mouth, and actions that God would be uncomfortable with.  When you sin, confess it.  Don't delay.  Don't hide it.  Confess it and repent of it by making a plan to live differently.  As you do, pray for God to give you the strength, desire, and ability to live as He is leading you.