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Things I Wish I Said...

From time to time, I'm done preaching and I think, "Man, I wish that I had said this or said that."  While I prepare for weeks for each message, there are still truths left on the table.  I still have things I wish I said.

This week, I wish I said the truth about this statement:  Salvation is free, but discipleship is costly.  

You may have heard this in the past.  I may have even preached it in the past, but this statement isn't 100% true.  Here's why:  salvation isn't free.   Wait, did you just read that right?  Read it again: salvation isn't free.  There was a price paid for my salvation and yours.  There was a cost given so that our sins could be forgiven.  Salvation isn't free.  In fact, salvation was quite costly to Jesus, the spotless lamb of God.

When we say that salvation is free, we are looking from only our perspective.  We see our salvation as God's free gift to us which it is!  But we miss the cost, the price, the sacrifice that was made for our free gift.  Never fall for the lie that our salvation is free.  It costs Jesus everything so that He could do the one thing that makes us right with God.

Here's one of the reasons that it's essential we remember the price paid, the sacrifice was given:  if we think that our salvation costs nothing then it makes our discipleship - our following of Jesus - optional.  As believers, following Jesus isn't our choice.  It is our calling.  Following Jesus isn't something that we sign up to do.  It is our calling.  Following Jesus isn't what we do when it is convenient, easy, and safe.  It's our calling no matter the cost.

So, are you ready to make a lasting, life-long, life-changing commitment to Christ?  Go for it, but count the costs first because of the high price that was paid for our costly discipleship.