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How to Memorize More Scripture

Memorizing Scripture is an excellent strategy for spiritual growth. It allows you to have gospel truths ready at all times, whether your day brings you temptation, heartache, or a friend in need of encouragement.  Many thousands of people have shared that this system was what finally worked for them after years of trying other approaches.

If you are inspired to memorize Scripture but aren’t sure where to start, The Topical Memory System, is the perfect launching point to begin “hiding God’s Word in your heart” (Psalm 119:11).

We pray this new journey into Scripture also helps you abide in–or stay deeply rooted in-Christ, which Jesus tells us is the key to having Kingdom impact in this world (John 15:5).

4 Steps to Memorizing More Scripture

Step 1:  Pick an area of gospel truth you’re motivated to understand more deeply.  Use this topic and verse outline as a guide. It has been curated by The Navigators based on experience helping people of all ages grow in Christ since the 1930s. Keep a picture of this list on your phone!

Step 2:  Dig into the context
Find the verse in your Bible and read the paragraph before and after it.

Use this context to gain a clear understanding of what the verse means. You may want to read the verse in other Bible translations or consult a commentary.

Read the verse through several times thoughtfully, aloud, or in a whisper. This will help you grasp the verse as a whole. Each time you read it, say the topic, reference, verse, and then the reference again out loud.

Discuss the verse with God in prayer, and ask for His help memorizing Scripture.

Step 3:  Memorize in bite-sized pieces
Memorize the topic and reference first.

Next, memorize only the first phrase of the verse. Once you can recite the topic, reference, and first phrase from memory several times, continue to add each additional phrase, one by one.

Consider why each word was selected as you memorize it.
Think about ways the verse applies to you and your daily circumstances.
Writing the verse out can be helpful. This deepens its impression in your mind.

Step 4:  Review with friends
Review the verse immediately after learning it, incorporate it into your prayers, and repeat it frequently over subsequent days to others. This step is crucial for fixing the verse firmly in your mind because we tend to forget things recently learned.

Invite a friend to memorize with you! Set a time each week to check in and review verses. In just ten minutes you can give each other enough accountability to grow by leaps and bounds in your love for God and knowledge of His Word.

Review! Review! Review! Repetition is the best way to engrave the verses into your memory.