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Go the Extra Mile

On Sunday, we wrapped up the Relationship Restart series with the reminder and challenge that we have a great capacity to love because of what Jesus has done for us.  We also discovered that Jesus calls us to love deeper, better, wider, and longer by going the extra mile in our relationships.

Both of these truths are essential as we seek to love and live like Jesus. 

We love much because we have been forgiven much.  That's what Jesus taught in Luke 7:47.  In response to an extravagant act of worship by a sinful woman when others questioned Him, He taught that she loved much because she had been forgiven of much.  His point: big-time sinners (like you and me) have a great capacity to love God and love people because they have been rescued by Jesus.  Jesus not only encouraged her, but He corrected the religious leaders by saying that those who have little love have experienced little forgiveness.  We have an otherworldly capacity to love because we have been forgiven by Jesus so let's live our forgiveness by loving others and Jesus.

We love by going the extra mile in our relationships.   In Matthew 5:41, Jesus challenged His followers to do more than the social norm by going the extra mile.  In Jesus' day, the Jewish people were required to carry the pack of a Roman soldier for one mile when asked.  Jesus taught them to do more.  He taught them to carry the pack further - to go the extra mile.  What does this look like in our relationships?

  • Forgive Completely:  If you are holding a grudge and can’t let it go? Go the extra mile. Forgive fully.
  • Serve Selflessly: Do more than expected. Surprise others with your response. Go the extra mile.
  • Commit Fully: Commit to the hard work of healthy relationships and pursue peace. Go the extra mile.

This week, look for opportunities to live your forgiveness by going the extra mile to love others.
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