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The Disciples in the Storm

On Sunday, Russell preached an encouraging message from Mark 4 and the story of Jesus and the disciples in the midst of a storm. A vicious squall hit the disciples while they were crossing the Sea of Galilee. Their fear at this moment went through the roof even though Jesus was with them. In the midst of their fear, what does Mark say that Jesus was doing? He was asleep in the boat resting on a cushion. I love the detail of the Scripture here because the disciples were scared and it didn't even register for Jesus. He was with them and there was not a hint of fear in Him. The disciples woke Him up seeking His help.  He corrected their lack of faith and then rebuked the wind and the waves. At His Word, the storm calmed and the disciples worshiped.

The takeaways from this story are much-needed reminders for our day:

  • We all face storms and as believers, we are never alone. Jesus is always with us.
  • When Jesus is with us, we don't have to question His action or even seeming inaction. Instead, we trust Him by faith.
  • There is no situation, circumstance, or storm that Jesus can't control. When we trust Him by faith and see Him work, may we be like the disciples and stand in amazement.
  • Where we have seen Jesus work in the past, we can know that He will work in the future. We trust Him today because He has been trustworthy in the past. Worship Him 

This week, trust Jesus in the storm. He is with you. He is for you. He is working. He can be trusted.
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