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Hope is Coming

When I think of springtime, I get very excited. There is something about planting a seed or bulb in the fall and then the anticipation of what it will look like come spring, with warmer temperatures, sunshine, rain, and brisk air. I get excited every time. I love watching the little green appear, then the shoot springing up and then a bulb growing and opening into the beautiful creation God made for us forever ago. It is during this time that I am filled with Hope because God did not give up on this little flower. He gave us the whole process as a reminder of His presence and love.

At Easter, we tend to show the same excitement. Hope is coming. Death, betrayal, torture, and pain turn to hope because Jesus overcame death and He is alive. Have you ever thought about the things you hope in? Do you say: “I hope that person at work or school is nice to me today. Or I hope my job will work out. Maybe you have even thought I hope I can make the right decision when I need to.” What kind of things do you think or say “I hope it all turns out.” All these statements show that we long for hope. The radical truth is, hope is not a situation. Hope is not a location. Hope is not a possession. Hope is not an experience. Hope is more than an insight or truism. Hope is a person, and his name is Jesus! This same person told the disciples in Matthew 28:20 “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Our person, Jesus, is always with us. Just as we look forward to spring and new growth, Jesus promises in every situation He is already with us. This is a deeply personal hope. It rests in the truth that Jesus has wrapped His powerful arms around you and he will never, ever let you go. If nothing you envisioned ever works out and all the bad things that you’ve dreaded come your way, you still have hope, because He is with you in power and grace.

Let’s go back to the seed. Do you trust that the seed will grow and become something? If the tangible seed gives us hope, how much more can the Savior of the World bring Hope to all areas of the world? He wants to see every man, woman, and child know and believe in His Son. He uses all circumstances to turn our hearts to Him. There is so much hope available.  

We have created a worship playlist and family activities to help you and your family find ways to focus on the Hope of Jesus this Easter. On Easter Sunday we will have a special gift for every family as a reminder of Hope, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Check it all out here:

Easter 2023 Spotify Playlist
Easter 2023 Family Time Guides  

We also hope that you will enjoy the butterfly garden seeds that will be given out on Easter Sunday.  The simple act of planting a seed, watering it, and watching it grow reminds us that hope is coming.  It is so simple that even if you don't have a green thumb, you can do this.    When you receive your seeds and plantable pot, take it home.  Remove the top.  Add the seeds from the packet.  Water it every few days and watch your seedling grow.  Transplant it into fertile soil and watch it grow.

Kristi Hurt
Director of All Star Kids