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Guarded Future

Guarding our future requires that we let some relationships come to an end. We are Scripturally bound to some relationships such as marriage but other relationships we are free to end if they are a benefit to us and them.

Pastor Sam taught us how to establish boundaries as an effective way to end toxic relationships. Remember, boundaries are guidelines that we set for ourselves to guard our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. So, learning how to finish well is essential so that our boundaries truly make our future better.

The idea of ending some relationships seems wrong on its face, but it's not. Some relationships must end if they bring more hurt than good. Toxic relationships are only damaging and draining. They keep us from loving as we should and they keep us from honoring God as we can. Ending toxic relationships can be difficult, especially if the other person is a family member or long-time friend. However, we must remember that our primary relationship is with God, and He desires us to live in healthy relationships that bring glory to Him.

So, how do you do it?  

PRACTICE FORGIVENESS:  Forgiveness is an essential component of finishing well in relationships. It is important to forgive those who have wronged us and to ask for forgiveness when we have wronged others. This helps to create a culture of grace and humility, which fosters healthy relationships.  

Get this: holding onto resentment and grudges can be toxic for your future relationships. It is important to let go of any resentment we may have towards others and to work toward reconciliation and forgiveness. This helps to create an environment of peace and healing in our relationships.

Don't carry yesterday's baggage into tomorrow.
Forgive freely and be forgiven fully.

COMMUNICATE HONESTLY:  Communication is key to any successful relationship. It is important to communicate openly and honestly, even when it is difficult. This helps to build trust and mutual respect, which are critical components of finishing well in relationships.

For especially toxic people, you have to know your limits. You live at peace as far as is possible for you. If living in peace requires clear communication and communication isn't safe. Communicate in writing but don't go back in forth in text, DMs, or email.  

SHOW APPRECIATION:  If a goodbye is a good thing for you and them, don't paint every part of the past relationship as negative or a loss. Show appreciation and gratitude towards people even in the rearview. This can be as simple as saying thank you or expressing our appreciation for their positive impact on your life. Or by committing to pray for them and their future.

DON'T RETURN:  If a friendship is toxic, don't return to it.   If a dating relationship is destructive, don't stay in it.  If a neighbor brings too much drama, don't rely on them.  If a coworker undercuts you behind your back, don't trust them in the future.  Bring an end to these relationships - a final moment, a point of no retrun.

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