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Cast Don't Keep

We all deal with stress.  In this broken world, it is inescapable.  That's why the Bible is filled with teaching to help us not only deal with the struggles of the world but do deal with the battle within our minds.  While many of us (me included) struggle with anxiety, God's Word, in 1 Peter 5:7, reminds us to have hope and to put our hope in the Lord by casting our cares upon Him because He cares for us.

We cast our cares instead of keeping our cares.  We cast our cares rather than bottling up our concerns.  We cast our cares so that worry and anxiety don't overwhelm us.   The #1 way to cast our cares upon the Lord is to trust and depend upon Him as we pray.

When we prayerfully trust the Lord, we live with guarded minds.  Minds that are guarded by the peace of Christ.  When we present our requests to the Lord, we know that we are not alone.  We are not powerless or helpless.  All things that anxiety attempts to convince us of.  

With a guarded mind, God's Spirit works in us so that we stand firm in the faith.  With a guarded mind, God's strength becomes our strength.  With a guarded mind, our hope is restored because we are trusting God, not ourselves.

One way to live with a guarded mind is to focus on trusting God today.  Anxiety pulls you toward a fear-filled future.  Trusting God moment by moment, day by day makes both today and tomorrow better.  When you find yourself anxious about tomorrow, remember Jesus' teaching in Matthew 6.  Seek the kingdom of God today and know that God provides.  Don't worry about tomorrow, but trust God today!   When worry about the future creeps in, remember:  that's not a today problem!

Casting our cares upon the Lord does not mean we are passive in dealing with our anxiety. It means that we take action by praying and seeking God's help while also taking steps to manage our anxiety. This may involve seeking professional help, engaging in self-care practices such as Bible reading and personal prayer, or seeking support from trusted friends and family. We must remember that we are not alone in our struggles, and God provides us with resources to help us overcome our anxiety.