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God's people have always been a misunderstood minority so trials, troubles, and even persecution can be a part of every believer's life every day. But, these pressures and troubles that we are facing today are nothing new.     That's why we can turn to God's timeless truth and learn how to live with and "even if" mindset. 
  • Even if life isn't going as planned....have hope.
  • Even if everyone else is what is right.
  • Even if you are tired...keep doing good.
  • Even if it's hard...keep obeying God and your leaders.
  • Even if things are good...stay humble and trust God.

Bible Reading Plans

Joy Ahead Reading Plan

Trials will surely come for us, but take heart. There is victory to be shared! Dive into the book of 1st Peter and find a letter full of promise for everyone who has an ear to hear. #ThereIsJoyAhead 

Prayers from 1 Peter

1 Peter is a letter to the believers who were under intense persecution. Peter knew what it took to endure without bitterness without losing hope. This guide will help you find hope in Jesus in the midst of suffering.  

Confidence in a Complex World

Want to grow in boldness and wisdom as a follower of Jesus?  Start this 22-day journey through the mind-renewing and confidence-building letter of 1 Peter. 

The Big Picture

Check out the big picture of 1 Peter and discover the big truths that we will dig into together.

Blogs, Articles, and Theological Resources

Even if messages






Recommended resource

Confidence can be hard to come by these days. People are losing their jobs, their houses, and their life savings at an unprecedented rate. Violence, natural disasters, and moral depravity seem to be skyrocketing. In the midst of all this chaos, we need to know . . . what on earth should we do now?

David Jeremiah brings a message of hope and confidence from the priceless counsel of the Word of God. He answers our most urgent questions, including:

  • How can we weather this storm with a calm heart?
  • What does it truly mean to “wait on the Lord”?
  • What is Jesus saying to our chaotic world today?
  • How on earth did we get into this mess?

Can we take a broken world and rebuild it into something fruitful?  Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World shows us all that with the power and love of Almighty God, we can live with confidence in this age of turmoil.