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Wednesday Night Groups

BE Real, Not Fake

September 7 - September 28
Who are you when no one is watching?  Rather than just trying to seem good on the outside, character is all about who we really are on the inside. In this four-part series, kids will learn that turning to Jesus changes us and guides us to have godly character. When our hearts and minds are transformed, we can show the world just how real God's love is!


October 5 - October 26
When we get to know God, He helps us get to know who we are, too!  In this four-part series, kids learn who God has made and called them to be. Following Jesus gives us a new identity because of what He has done for us.


November 2 - December 7
Compared to Bible heroes and superheroes, it may seem like a regular kid might not have courage. But in this lesson, we'll learn what courage really is and how God can empower all of us when we trust in Him.

Courage is bravery in the face of fear, doing what’s right even when no one else is, never giving up on the directions God has given us, praying to see God’s promises come true, and giving up everything in our lives as a sacrifice to Him.


January 18 -February 15
Faith isn’t just a word we use to sound good. It’s a word that shows a deep belief in and connection to Jesus. We might believe in and act on (put “faith” in) a lot of things we can’t see, but the faith that matters is the faith we have in Jesus. When we believe in our hearts what the Bible says about Christ, and we admit our belief with our mouth, our faith is born. Once our faith is born, we can choose to let it grow and bring glory to God by putting it into action and being generous with what He’s given us. 

Invisible World

February 22 - March 22
Miracles, heaven, angels, and the war between good and evil are all part of a supernatural, spiritual world that’s all around us.

It’s way too mind-blowing for even adults to understand! In this four-part series, kids will learn to trust God because He is infinitely bigger, greater, and more wonderful than we can even imagine. He made this entire universe, both physical and spiritual, and He’s in control. 

One Body

March 29 - April 19
God doesn’t play favorites. Everyone who chooses to follow Jesus is an important part of God’s family, the Church.

Every single part of the human body works together to keep the body working and healthy. The body of Jesus is the same way. It is made up of all different kinds of people. Each person has a special way to serve God and others that will keep the body healthy and sharing the love of Jesus with the whole world. We can appreciate the unique ideas, talents, abilities, struggles, and experiences each of our brothers and sisters have. When we come together, listen to each other, and respect each other, we can remember what is the same for all of us: Jesus loves us, we love Him, and He helps us love each other so we can share Jesus’ love with the world. 

stand strong

April 26 - May 10
Standing strong requires the right people and new response.  We need Godly people in our lives to encourage us to fight temptation and to do what is right.  We also need to choose different responses to people to honor God with our lives.