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Current Series

Ready or Not

Ready or not - change is coming.  It’s time to discover how to prepare today for change tomorrow.  Learn how to make a plan so that you and your life changes for the better.


Dig into the Gospels and discover eyewitness accounts of God's love, grace, mercy, and power on display in Jesus Christ.  Be inspired and changed by their stories. 

The God I Wish You Knew

Who is God....really?  Join us for this look at the character and actions of God as we discover the passionate prophets in the Bible.  Come, get to know the God they wish you knew.

Asking for a Friend

Through the series, Asking for a Friend, we dig into Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon to discover who God is and how we can honor Him with our life.

Those People

The negative neighbor. The critical co-worker. The manipulative family member. We all have difficult people in our lives. Let’s learn how we can live with—and show love to—Those People.

Kings and Kingdoms

Who is the leader or the king of your life?  Who is in charge?  Who makes the decisions?  Is it you?  Someone else?  God?  

Through the series, Kings and Kingdoms, you will be challenged to make Jesus your king through a study of 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, and 2 Kings.

This is Us

As we dig into Scripture, we see God's plan for the church to build relationships that build disciples.  As we see His plan unfold, we discover our unique role in the world around us.  

Forgiven and Free

Because of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, those who believe in Him are forgiven and free.
Forgiven from the penalty of sin and free from the power of sin. Through our series, Forgiven and
Free, you will be reminded of all that Jesus has done for you so that you can live with the confident
freedom that only God provides.

Law & Order

In our study of Scripture, God represents Himself with two equally important truths:  the Law which points to His perfection and the Order that guides our steps.  Through our study of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, we will discover how to love and honor the God who calls us to be holy because He is holy.

Journey to Freedom

Just when you think that God doesn't know about our hurts or struggles in life, He proves that He does.  Through our study of the book of Exodus, we will see that God know not only knows our needs and hears our cry, but He takes action.  Based on His love for us, He invites us to love, obey, and depend upon Him for true freedom.


With the start of the New Year comes a fresh opportunity to build our relationship with God and to build our lives to honor Him.   So, where should you start?  How about at the beginning?  As we study the opening book of the Bible, Genesis, we will take a look at how our world began, where it went wrong, and what God has done to make it right.