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Social faith

This four-week series walks through the positive and negative effects that social media has on our faith, our relationships, and our overall character and integrity. For all of us, social media can be a useful tool to spread the love of Christ and to enjoy sweet, everyday moments with family and friends. However, we must remain careful to balance the negative aspects that come with it. This series will cover common bad practices we see in online behavior, the balance of physical community and online community, the proper treatment of others online, and social media evangelism.


This three-week series focuses on the characters in the famous Parable of the Prodigal Son. It will examine each character’s roles and show how the Gospel comforts those who feel too far gone but also challenges those who think an association with God is equal to truly knowing him.


 In every area of our lives we are given advice and wisdom whether it be Biblical or not, but how do we distinguish what advice to listen to? The book of Proverbs tells of Godly wisdom to follow as opposed to what we hear from the world.