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Wednesday Night Groups


As leaders, we should always be growing and sharpening our skills so that we can better minister to students. One of the ways that we can do exactly that is to learn best practices in leading a small group. 
Day One
Dinner Time
Tranistion to Group
Discussion Time


This series is a five-week journey through the book of Romans. In Romans, the Apostle Paul lays out for us the Gospel in vivid detail! Through this series, students can clearly see the consequences of sin, God’s merciful response, our new Life in Christ, and what a God-honoring response to the Gospel is. 
January 12
January 26
February 9
February 2

Not Feelin It (6-7th Grade)

How I feel is not my God. Just because we feel a certain way does not mean that emotions is from God or acting on that emotion is God-honoring. Instead, we take hold of every thought and submit that thought or emotion to God. 
February 16
Febuary 23
March 2
March 9

Belief: What we belive (8-9th Grade)

Many view doctrine as something that is only important for pastors. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we believe matters? This is why Paul told young Timothy to watch his doctrine closely (1 Tim 4:16)
There will not be any video teaching in this series. Instead, 8-9th graders will gather in the student room for live teaching. Then each small group will break go to their small group locations to wrap up group discussion. If you would like you can take a look at the large group/live teaching notes. 
February 16
Febuary 23
March 2
March 9

We are the church (10-12th Grade)

It is commonly said that students (teenagers) are the future church. This is wrong. Students are the current church. They are a part of the body of Christ (the ekklesia). In this series, we are going to discuss what it means to be a part of the local church.
February 16
Febuary 23
March 2


This is the story of God creating and bringing order and function into the earth, the rebellion of humanity against divine authority, and God’s unfolding plan to restore creation and humankind to his original purposes through grace and faith. Genesis 1–11 tells of God and his relationship to the entire world.
March 30
April 6
April 20
April 13 


Situations and emotions come up in life that test our faith. The question is not if these situations and emotions will come about. Instead, the question is how will we respond when they do?
April 27
May 4
May 11