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Discover what to do when life delivers the unexpected.  We’ve all heard the saying “God will only give you what you can handle.” This isn’t always true, however. Sometimes we experience moments that we can’t handle, and in those times, we are reminded that we must continually rely on God. 
September 16
September 23
September 30


In every area of our lives we are given advice and wisdom whether it be Biblical or not, but how do we distinguish what advice to listen to? The book of Proverbs tells of Godly wisdom to follow as opposed to what we hear from the world.
October 14
October 21
October 28
November 11

Small Group Leader Training: Small Gruop Best Practices

As leaders, we should always be growing and sharpening our skills so that we can better minister to students. One of the ways that we can do exactly that is to learn best practices in leading a small group. 
Day One
Dinner Time
Tranistion to Group
Discussion Time