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Wednesday Night Groups


As leaders, we should always be growing and sharpening our skills so that we can better minister to students. One of the ways that we can do exactly that is to learn best practices in leading a small group. 
Day One
Dinner Time
Tranistion to Group
Discussion Time

Questions of Jesus

We often focus on getting answers to the questions we have for God, but this series flips that familiar script. Over the next four weeks, we will focus on the questions Christ asks of us, and on how the answers to those questions affect our lives as followers of Christ. 
September 7
September 14
September 28

Genesis: Look to the stars

Genesis is not just a compilation of interesting stories from long ago. The accounts in Genesis are teaching us about the nature of God. We see God’s nature on display in how He interacts with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 
October 5
October 12
October 19
October 26

1 Corinthians: A Church in Crisis

It is easy to expect perfection from the local Church. But this is an unhealthy, unrealistic, and unbiblical expectation. Instead, we learn in the book of 1 Corinthians that we must patiently and passionately seek out the Lord together, even when it is messy.
November 2
November 16
December 7