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Teachable Moments

Teachable moments come throughout the day as we spend time with our kids.  These are  real-time, age-appropriate discussions for kids to learn about themselves, God, and the wise things to do.  
“Not every moment has to be profound.  Moments can be simple; you occasionally stop, look, listen, and encourage.” (Family Discipleship, pg. 116)
Questions to consider as you take advantage of teachable moments:

  1. What are the attributes of God you’d like your kids to be well aware of?  What kinds of circumstances might you be able to leverage to foster those traits?  What will you say?

  1. What will you say to create a family discipleship moment in the following circumstances? (Think about Scriptures you might use as well as phrases you might apply consistently.)

  • When your child is angry.
  • When your child is sad.
  • When you have something to celebrate.
  • When you see something upsetting.
  • When your child is scared.
  • When you mess up and want to apologize.
  • When you see something beautiful.
  • When you see sinful pride in your child.
  • When your kids are having trouble getting along.
  • When your child overcomes a fear.

Through all of these are moments, you can instill foundational truths and attributes of God.  You can look at the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 to talk about Godly character and choices.  Over time, you will see growth as you are consistent and intentional.
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