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Better Boundaries

We all need better boundaries so that we live in healthy relationships.  That was the big takeaway from my message yesterday.    It is time to break the bad habit of codependent relationships.   The goal is to be completely dependent on God rather than codependent on anyone. 

Jesus was our perfect example of better boundaries and complete dependence.  He wasn't a people pleaser.  He wasn't an enabler.  He wasn't a rescuer.  He showed us a completely different kind of life.  He showed us how to speak up, how to stand out, and how to live completely dependent on God, the Father.

When you are tempted to find your joy and satisfaction in anyone or anything outside of your relationship with God, remember how Jesus lived and what He taught. (Read more on Jesus and Boundaries.)

My boundaries are my problem.  No one can set healthy boundaries for you and people will always try to blow through your boundaries.  So, do what Jesus did.  Prioritize your relationship with God even when people have unrealistic or unfair expectations of you.  You aren't here to please them.  You are here to please God so own your stuff, not theirs.

Jesus is my source.  Remembering where joy and satisfaction come from is essential so that we depend upon Jesus who gives us joy instead of becoming codependent on our kids, spouse, or other unhealthy and even toxic relationships.  Make the wrong person your source and your life will be stripped of joy and satisfaction.  Completely depend on Jesus and you will find joy and satisfaction that is unconditional.

My response is my responsibility.  Jesus teaches that you should let your yes be yes and your no be no.  We don't have to swear by anything or anyone to give our words weight or to try and justify ourselves.  We make and keep commitments because are living for God's glory and striving to do His well.  When you live with pleasing God as your first goal and you have set clear boundaries, yes or no is a complete sentence.  

This week, strive to live completely dependent on Jesus for your joy and satisfaction.