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Some decisions are clear and easy.  Some aren’t.  Some are complicated.  Some are complex.  Some are difficult.  Some decisions require our thought, attention, and prayer.  That’s why we need to develop and utilize a Biblical framework for decision-making.

Making Better Decisions Messages

Choices and Consequences

How do you make the right decision when the right decision isn’t obvious?   Consider your choices and consequences using a Biblical decision making decision tree. 

License and Legalism

Sometimes more freedom leads to more problems.  That’s why we must discover how to make decisions with a Biblical perspective so that our freedom in Christ helps, not hinders, us.

Liberty and Love

Doing the right thing with the right motive matters.   We must consider others and how our actions impact them.  That’s what the law of liberty and love is all about.  Dig in and make decisions that benefit you and others. 

Freedom and Responsibility

 Just because we are free in Christ doesn’t mean that we can do anything that we want to do anytime we want to do it.  With freedom in Christ comes responsibility to one another.

Attention and Action

Some decisions we make without even thinking.  It works sometimes.  Other times, it blows up.  It’s time to pay attention to our decisions and take actions that will lead us to be more like Jesus.

Decisions. Decisions.

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